Get downloading. Path for Android now available.

Get downloading. Path for Android now available.

It’s been a long, interesting road for Path. If you’re not familiar, Path is a mobile-based social network where you’re encouraged to share to a small circle of friends. It is hard-limited to 50 people in each person’s network, and it’s based primarily on the sharing of photos and videos.

I’ve been in the Path for Android beta for the past few weeks. It’s what got me addicted to the services that Path is offering. However, it was closed and by invitation only so I couldn’t share that with you. Now, according to the blog over at the Path site, it is available to all in the Android Market:

We will continue to iterate and release updates with more features frequently. As we move through this beta period, expect things to improve rapidly.

We first took a look at Path a few months ago, before the Android beta opened. Soon after, Path joined up with Facebook in order to encourage more connections. It’s found its niche, and continues to grow. Over the past few months, it’s become my favorite way to share moments with my closest friends.

Path is the brain child of former Facebooker Dave Morin. He started Path in February of 2010 and has since watched its sometimes-rocky rise in popularity.

Give it a shot, but do so with an open mind. You can download it now, for free, from the Android Market.

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