ToutApp makes sending repetitive emails a lot less painful

ToutApp makes sending repetitive emails a lot less painful

Email is a pain – the more you rely on it, the harder it is to manage. ToutApp is a service that aims to make life a lot easier for anyone who deals with a busy inbox.

With the mission to “Help people communicate better through email,” this startup with offices in New York and San Francisco has created a product that helps take the hassle out of those emails you find yourself having to write over and over. Introductions to your company, invoices, meeting requests and the like are bothersome to type out again and again. With Tout, you simply write a template for each and modify it to make it more personal each time.

While template-based emails may seem a little soulless, ToutApp founder Tawheed “TK” Kader says that the idea is to help you make sure you always get the essentials into any repetitive email, leaving you to concentrate on personalising each email as necessary. He says that in the last six months, with minimal promotion, the service has helped over 2,500 people save over 80,000 minutes in their day-to-day emails.

It doesn’t stop there. Tout then lets you keep track of all the emails you send via an analytics page that uses embedded email images to track opening rates and the overall success (open rate, reply rate etc) of your different templates. The service can pull in your contacts from popular CRM systems Highrise, Batchbook and Capsule CRM, as well as Gmail contacts. Salesforce contact information will be the next to be integrated, while plugins for popular mail clients are on the way so that you can use Tout away from its own website.

“Email is broken” is a common complaint, and Tout is doing something practical to improve the situation. Perhaps that’s why the company has just announced funding of $350k from a group of investors who will also be coming on board as strategic advisors. These include Ether Dyson, Dave McClure (as part of 500 Startups), Eric Ries and Joshua Baer, plus Owen Davis and the NYC Seed Fund.

If you’re frustrated with your current email set up, ToutApp is available in price plans ranging between $12 per month and $199 per month, plus a fre option that limits you to 7 emails per day.

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