Evernote Arrives for Windows Phone 7

Evernote Arrives for Windows Phone 7

Evernote has a reputation for rigorously updating its existing platforms. In addition, the popular notetaking software solution recently passed the 10 million user mark. But none of the 10 million users could have been using a Windows Phone 7 platform to access their notes. That ended today, as the much-anticipated Evernote for Windows Phone 7 was launched and it has been designed from the ground up.

With a new “panorama” screen design set, the Evernote for Windows Phone 7 app has options in the Application Bar and Application Bar menu. Each of these provide additional functionality that relates to screen users are on, and can also reveal more advanced features. More options can be shown whenever three dots appear in the Application Bar by tapping them.

While the redesign offers a look that Evernote users have never seen before, the app delivers all the functionality offered on many of the other platforms it supports. Creating new notes (either text or image), finding existing notes, location tagging and sharing are all available on the Windows Phone 7 version. Premium Evernote users have the option to download entire notebooks for offline access, allowing them to have their notes available to them whether online or off.

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 is available by searching the Marketplace application on Windows Phone 7.

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