EverTrue taps social to give accurate fundraising databases

EverTrue taps social to give accurate fundraising databases

If you’ve not yet caught on with the massive changes that have come due to the social web then I have to first ask where you’ve been for the past 5 years. EverTrue is leveraging the social web to help alumni associations and other non-profit organizations raise donations.

The problem, for the past decade, has been that fundraising contact information software is often filled with innaccurate information. In fact, according to EverTrue CEO Brent Grinna, up to 80% of databases have information that’s just plain wrong. The EverTrue software is solving the issue by leveraging information from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Zillow and others. By entering a minimum of personal information, the software goes to work cross referencing the information, indexing it all into an overall score to show how viable a contact is as a charity contact.

EverTrue has just been chosen as a LinkedIn preferred API partner, giving them unrivaled demographic information, as well as up-to-date employment records (assuming, of course, that the target has their work history updated).

We’ll be keeping up with EverTrue as time moves on, but for now the company is working to build buzz and funding. So far $750,000 has been committed, with a goal of $1 million. In the past three months of TechStars in Boston, the buzz has built greatly. EverTrue started with 1 college. In 90 days, the company has grown to 20 different clients and $153,000 in revenue.

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