SwiftKey’s intelligent Android keyboard gets even smarter

SwiftKey’s intelligent Android keyboard gets even smarter

We’ve been fans of SwiftKey‘s smart auto-correct keyboard solution for Android for sometime and today it has launched a major new version, SwiftKey X.

As with previous version, the keyboard analyses your Gmail, Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as your send text messages to learn about the way you use language. However, UK startup TouchType has now introduced a new version of its ‘Fluency’ language inference engine, which should make its predictions even smarter.

The engine now includes ‘Personal Input Modeling’ which alters the touch sensitive regions of keys based on the accuracy of your typing. The keyboard now has two core modes, ‘Precise’ and ‘Rapid’ which adjusts the way it responds depending on the way you type.

I’ve been testing SwiftKey X since yesterday, and I’m impressed. Having used previous versions of the keyboard over the past year, the new app feels faster and more responsive (it was no slouch previously, either) and new customisation options let witch between ‘Dark’ and ‘Light’ looks for your keyboard, toggle arrow keys on and off and choose from a range of country-specific keyboard layouts. 17 languages are now supported in al, opening it up to new markets for the first time.

You can find out more at the SwiftKey website.

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