YouTube and Firefox bring 3D HTML5 video support to NVIDIA hardware

YouTube and Firefox bring 3D HTML5 video support to NVIDIA hardware

Mozilla and NVIDIA have announced a partnership with YouTube which will see support for 3D HTML 5 video brought to PCs powered by NVIDIA’s 3D Vision video technology.

YouTube already features plenty of stereoscopic 3D videos, and the new move will see the Google-owned video site transcode and play these videos in the open WebM format with 3D for use with their HTML5 player. The feature is currently only supported by Firefox 4, and sadly will only work with computers using NVIDIA’s 3D Vision hardware.

3D Vision is a combination of hardware and software, combined with special ‘advanced active shutter glasses’, delivering stereoscopic 3D images aimed at gamers, movie-lovers and photo enthusiasts.

If you have 3D Vision technology installed, a search for ‘yt3d‘ on YouTube will bring up supported 3D video. Files encoded with 3D have this tag. You will also have to set your hardware to 3D mode.

It’s fair to say that the number of people who can take advantage of this move right away is limited, although fingers crossed more browsers adopt support for the technology in the future.

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