PressJack lets you build digital magazines from RSS feeds, Web pages and videos

PressJack lets you build digital magazines from RSS feeds, Web pages and videos

We were impressed by PressJack when we took a first look at it last month. Now the service, which lets you create Web-based digital magazines, has opened fully for business and added some useful new customisation tools and has moved beyond purely RSS feed-based content.

It’s now possible to change the navigation and the look of the pages of your magazine. While previously you were stuck with a default cover image, you can now upload your own logo and background image. Additionally, the magazine itself can be resized to better fit your needs, if you choose.

The service, which runs from a downloadable desktop app for Windows and OSX, has moved beyond just RSS feeds, too. Now you can incorporate Web pages and videos (either from YouTube or uploaded directly) into your PressJack magazines.

Whereas PressJack was previously in an early test phase, it’s now officially launched with free and paid-for accounts available. The free version inserts ads into your magazine, while Pro and Enterprise options are available at $499 and $899 respectively, stripping out he ads and letting you install the desktop software to create magazines on one or up to five machines.

While there are plenty of startups addressing the digital magazine market at the moment, PressJack seems to be carving itself a useful niche between automatically generated social solutions like Flipboard, and pro-grade service publishing tools from the likes of Adobe.

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