Instagram updated to add ‘double-tap’ likes and improved comments

Instagram updated to add ‘double-tap’ likes and improved comments

Instagram has updated their super popular photo sharing app to include the ability to double-tap a photo to like it, autocomplete usernames and a new interactive comment screen.

The new ‘double-tap to like’ feature works as expected. Instead of hunting for the tiny ‘Like’ icon you can now simply double-tap any image in your feed to show that you like it. A small heart will pop up confirming your like.

The comments section gets a nice improvement that adds username autocomplete when leaving a comment on the image. Just start it using the ‘@’ symbol and a list of user that you follow, along with names of users that have left a comment on the image will pop up. This should allow for much easier replies to specific comments in a thread.

The comments section also got a bit more love in the form of a full comments section that you can use to see all of the comments on a photo. If it’s your photo you have the option to swipe-to-delete if you want to get rid of a comment. For mass deletion, you can now tap on a small gear icon in the upper right corner and minus comments en masse.

In addition, the app got a few speed improvements. If you don’t already have Instagram you can grab it on the App Store here for free.

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