checkthis: For when even Tumblr is too much effort [Invites]

checkthis: For when even Tumblr is too much effort [Invites]

Sometimes you don’t need an entire website, you just need something that looks great and is easily shareable. While many of us have turned to single-page sites such as and the like, that doesn’t answer the problem of needing to share a specific bit of information in an easily-digestible, beautiful manner.

This is where Fred and his idea for checkthis came into play. More on that in a moment, but first, check the video preview:

A musician friend with a big fanbase called a while back to ask how to share his latest music video and some info on a nice background. Something clean and quickly shared. Not a blog that needs to be updated, nor a full website. He just wanted to share a link on Facebook and Twitter, fast.

Sound familiar? Whether it’s a piece of work that you’ve done, or maybe just an announcement, you don’t need something big and fancy you just want something that you can share. checkthis makes it extremely simple to create beautiful, simple sites that are tailor-made to be shareable.

Signing up to checkthis, you’re asked to connect it to your Twitter account. Once you’ve done that, it’s a simple matter of following the icons on the screen to add your relevant data.

When it’s done, it could look something like this:

As you can see, checkthis provides a beautifully simple page, with a share and favorite function along a bar on the bottom. It is, indeed, the simplest way that we’ve seen to create something of this nature.

Once you’re done creating and publishing your page, you’re given a dashboard where stats from all of your pages are kept. From there you can manage pages, add more and see what’s been happening with them. Have an announcement that’s only good for a few days? Set an expiration date for the page, and you’ll then be able to run it later if it becomes relevant again.

In short, checkthis is an extremely simple way to have people check out what you need to tell them. Something more than a tweet, yet less than a blog, it fills a niche that we’ll all need to use at some time or another.

Want in? You can do that, but you’ll need to click here to get into the beta. Once you’ve created your page, link us in the comments so we can check you out.

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