Ashton Kutcher launches his own Twitter client (!?!) With Ubermedia (Ah…)

Ashton Kutcher launches his own Twitter client (!?!) With Ubermedia (Ah…)

As one of the most prolific users of Twitter with over 6.6 million followers it makes some sort of sense that Ashton Kutcher would end up with his own Twitter client. It’s called and it’s made by UberMedia, the creators of Echofon and Twidroid, so it’s got a good pedigree. features all of the basic things that a desktop Twitter client should have, with a few additional options that could give it value for heavy users of Twitter. You can pop out columns from your main stream to follow searches and Tweets without switching away from your main feed. There is also a feature called LivePreview that gives you an instant look into the content of the Tweets in your timeline including websites, photos and videos.

The My channels feature allows you to see custom channels that include content feeds that Kutcher has edited to include projects he’s involved in, things that he thinks are cool and causes that the cares about. In his introduction video Kutcher says that he hopes to make the My channels feature more social in the future, allowing for people to add more content.

The client looks pretty solid with only a few minutes of use. The LivePreview function works as advertised and loads content in the right pane quickly as you click through your stream. The name of the app is likely a reference to Kutcher’s Twitter handle @aplusk. Here is the full feature list:

  • Log into Twitter
  • View timeline, mentions, messages
  • View saved searches, favorites, and lists
  • Search for tweets
  • Save searches
  • Search for people
  • Delete tweets
  • Edit your account information
  • Change your avatar
  • Follow lists
  • Create lists
  • View full profile information of any tweeter
  • Tweet shrink – save space by turning tweets into txt speak
  • Tweet over 140 characters
  • Auto-fill @mentions while composing
  • Link shortener
  • Tweet images and videos
  • Temporarily mute hashtags and users
  • Email tweets
  • Retweet and retweet with comment
  • Pop out columns – tweet and search directly from popout columns so you don’t have to stop what you’re working on to follow your streams

You can grab try try out on your desktop or laptop now at the site. is an Adobe Air app so it should run on any machine with Air installed.

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