Chatbox turns Dropbox into project collaboration platform

Chatbox turns Dropbox into project collaboration platform

Chatbox is a new app in beta that brings project collaboration features to Dropbox.

Shared folders form the containers for projects and chats can then occur around the project itself or files within the folder, making it handy for discussing a project with many files — such as a development project.

Chatbox is very light on features, probably lighter than what you’d simply call minimalist — but we’re talking about a beta, one that the developer, Edwin Chu of Hong Kong, has admitted was a ‘weekend project‘. That certainly puts a more impressive spin on what’s in the app already.

If all you need is a simple way to discuss files in your Dropbox, give Chatbox a spin. If your needs for project collaboration are more complex, I suggest keeping your eye on this app — if this is what the team has after a weekend, I bet it’s going to get a whole lot better.

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