is a super slick way to share playlists of music is a super slick way to share playlists of music

Sharing individual songs has gotten easier than ever with slick sharing apps like Soundcloud and Soundtracking, or even Apple’s relative failure Ping. But one thing that hasn’t gotten easier to share is entire playlists of music. allows you to do just that quickly and easily, right on the web. is a web app built by Feross Aboukhadijeh and Jake Becker out of, in their words, YouTube, and magic. When you fire up the service you can start building playlists right away using the song search interface. Just search for an artist or song and click to add them to your playlist.

Once you start populating your list, will automatically populate the playlist with YouTube versions of the songs. This could be a video version or just an audio stream. You can even import your iTunes playlists directly if you don’t want to recreate them by hand. Once you’ve built a playlist that you like, will allow you to save it and build more or share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

The interface is slick and easy to use; you can build and share playlists without even logging in. Here’s a playlist of some sweet songs that I made for you readers. The experience is pretty flawless although I was able to find songs that didn’t appear in the search. I’m assuming that these are songs that don’t have at least an audio stream available on YouTube.

If you’ve got a bunch of songs that you’d like to share with friends but don’t want to do it one at a time, head on over to and give it a try.

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