Foodily adds a comparative nutritional analysis for online recipes

Foodily adds a comparative nutritional analysis for online recipes

For the love of food! Yesterday, we published an epic list of 12 seriously tasty apps for Foodies including Foodspotting, Foodzy and Food Gawker. Today, another one of our favorite food web apps, Foodily, a “search engine for comparing recipes”, launched a “first-of-its-kind” online nutritional analysis feature.

We first wrote about Foodily in February, which presents recipes from around the web in a beautiful and clear way with a magazine-like experience when it launched a nifty Facebook integration to make creating and sharing food social. Through this integration, foods ‘liked’ on Foodily will appear in your Facebook feed and recipes your friend’s ‘like’ will appear in your Foodily recipe search.

The new nutritional analysis feature provides users with a comprehensive resource of detailed, instant nutritional insights into recipes from across the web. Use it to compare smoked salmon pasta recipes from blogs and sites across the web.

“With Americas weight concerns and the rise in food allergies, people are looking for a dependable way to quickly find recipes that meet their dietary needs,” said Andrea Cutright, CEO of Foodily in the release. “Many websites have inaccurate nutrition information or just caloric data for recipe choices, which provides a very limited scope of search when it comes to one of the most important factors in health today: what we eat.”

Foodily’s nutritional information is based on USDA data  rather than basic tagging or other subjective methods. Furthermore, it is nutritional info that goes beyond simple calorie counts including everything from sugar to sodium and carbohydrates to cholesterol. It’s a really great way to look up recipes, decide which is the healthiest choice as well as compare prep and cooking times. Clicking on each recipe takes you to the original, external site. Check it out here and happy nomming!

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