Chattp augments your browser with real-time chat panel

Chattp augments your browser with real-time chat panel

Here’s something pretty cool. The good people at Harmony Park Labs, the ‘cultural construction company’, have given us a sneak peak at this neat little web tool. (correct pronunciation yet to be clarified…) augments your browser window by adding a real-time chat panel to the left-hand side, whilst you continue to browse a website.

You simply go to, enter the URL of the website you’d like to ‘Chattify’, and the website becomes embedded within a unique Chattp URL. You can then invite multiple people to enter a conversation by forwarding them the URL.

Anyone with a chattp link for a specific page or website will be able to participate in that chat, and each link is unique, so multiple chats can take place on any particular url. This is also similar to something that Marginize has done, so there may be a bit of trend in this area emerging.

Chattp is an alpha release at the moment, so there may be bugs and stuff. Here’s how The Next Web homepage looks once it’s been given a good going over by Chattp. Or, why not Chattify your own URL and see exactly how it works?


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