Goodsie makes setting up a gorgeous online shop dead simple

Goodsie makes setting up a gorgeous online shop dead simple

If you’re someone that’s trying to sell some of your wares online, you know how much of a challenge that can be. You either have to deal with website plug-ins that are difficult to master or end up using third-party sites that offer limited control and customization. These barriers to entry don’t encourage online retailing and as a result you end up leaving the thoughts of setting up shop online behind. But as of today there’s an easy and elegant-looking option: Goodsie. And it certainly is good, if not better than good.

Goodsie is an online retail solution that comes from HiiDef, the creators of the popular Just as focuses on an easy-to-use interface that still allows users to end up with beautiful-looking results, complete with personaliztion options galore. Goodsie works on the same principles, and that’s great news for users who want to start selling their products on the web right away. It’s an ideal solution for anyone wanting to set up a branded storefront.

“While there are hundreds of e-commerce options available, they’re still too complex for most retailers to use themselves. You shouldn’t need to learn to code or pay thousands of dollars to sell handmade t-shirts online. Online retail should be easy.” said Jonathan Marcus, Founder and CEO of Goodsie.

Complete with full management options and a variety of payment options, Goodsie is the ideal solution for anyone who has been thinking about selling online but wants to avoid all of the drawn-out set up required. We’ve embedded a demo video of how simple it is to get started with Goodsie. So give it a viewing and then…start selling!

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