Attending a conference? Leave your cards at home with Cardcloud

Attending a conference? Leave your cards at home with Cardcloud

One of the most frustrating things about collecting business cards is that sometimes you cannot remember when, and even where, you met the person who gave it to you.

With business becoming more and more digital, business card app provider Cardcloud realises that and has announced a new feature to remind you of those all important details, tagging each card you collect with location data, but also the event at which it was received.

Cardcloud already tags each card with the time and date you met someone, capturing the location data also. By combining these, the company has introduced its third element: Events. With its new feature, Cardcloud has begun partnering with event organisers and sponsors, adding event details to card exchanges.

The new feature gone live today, rolling out for The Next Web Conference.

The feature is set to evolve over time but in its current form the app will add a conference badge to each card that gets sent from one of the official conference venues, during the dates of the event. By doing this, card recipients will know what conference or event that you actually met at, in additional to the physical location on a map.

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