Back Up Your Cloud Storage Locally with Joukuu

Back Up Your Cloud Storage Locally with Joukuu

Joukuu is a Windows app that helps you manage the files you have backed up across multiple cloud storage accounts.

Every cloud-based backup app has its own strong suits and we end up using a bunch of them. While one USP of cloud computing is redundant data storage, there are always those paranoid porcupines who want to have a local copy for safe keeping too. We might also need some files for quick access from the desktop too.

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When trying to install it, Joukuu notified me that I don’t have Microsoft SQL Server Compact version installed on the computer. Why would I (or anyone) have it installed? It’s not an essential component to carry out my day-to-day activities. The developers should consider bundling it together if they want the user experience to be less annoying.

Folder Structure
Folder Structure

After installing the Microsoft SQL Server Compact version, there were no other complications with the installation. For a Windows app, Joukuu sports a fabulous user interface with a slight Metro twist to it. The app currently supports backing up from Google Docs, and Dropbox accounts.

Backing up begins as soon as you add an account. While there is no detailed progress bar, the back up process was steady and fast. The original folder structure and timestamp are retained. You can work with these files just like any other local files and the changes are synced back to the respective service too.

As a welcome addition, Joukuu supports one-click backup. Just right click on the selected files, choose the account and the files will backup to your online accounts automatically. You can drag and drop files into the app as well.

Joukuu is currently in beta and this is one app I am so looking forward to get my hands on the full version.

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