Guardly: An iOS app that may save your life

Guardly: An iOS app that may save your life

Today, a new mobile application called Guardly was released in Apple’s app store, bringing users access to a real-time safety network that allows anyone in danger to broadcast incidents and notify 911.

Using the Guardly app you’re able to quickly report an incident, which will send a location-based emergency alert to your safety group. Should you run into trouble, your safety network can be notified with one tap coupled with sending them your current location. It also has the ability to connect your entire group together on a call after your responders have accepted the emergency.

Users could potentially include 911, friends, family or campus security in their security networks — all notified with one tap. While a responder is dealing with an incident within the Guardly web app, they’re able to see you on a map and can directly escalate the call to a 911 operator. Your location will additionally be tracked as you move, which is another really cool thing about the app.

The Ontario College of Art & Design University has just partnered with the Toronto-based startup to offer its students real-time emergency response from campus security. This enables students to communicate with security until they reach safety.

As Josh Sookman, the founder of Guardly points out, not every incident requires a call to 911 and he says “sometimes friends, family members or neighbours who are nearby can respond to a call for assistance even faster,”. But, in the event you do need 911 Guardly can also do that too.

Guardly differs from other personal safety apps on the market in that it enables a user’s personal safety network to collaborate with them and amongst each other through mobile web and web incident pages, SMS and voice conferencing for the duration of the emergency event.

Guardly, available in Canada and the United States, offers both a free and paid service for $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually. Features like LocationAssure that triangulate your location is only offered with a paid account. Guardly is available for free in Apple’s app store and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch.

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