Extragram! Extragram! Hear all about the sweet new Instagram web app

Extragram! Extragram! Hear all about the sweet new Instagram web app

When Instagram, everyone’s favorite photo sharing, filtering iPhone app, opened up its API in February, we saw a flood of new web apps such as instagre.atwebstagram, and Instagrid.me, all offering different versions of Instagram curated galleries.

Extragr.am is the new kid on the block, allowing users to browse their own photos, photos in their network feeds as well as popular images. The below image isn’t one of mine, or anyone I’m following, much less anyone I know. It’s just a random, beautiful photograph that I can view, comment on, “heart” and share to Facebook, Twitter, email, Google Buzz, Blogger, MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.

We just loved how beautiful Instragram made the images look. We wanted to come up with a really good User Interface that would complement the beautiful photos Instagram churns out and we wanted to make it easy for our users to discover more of these lovely images and users through our web interface.

-Extragram Founding Member, Karthikeyan Mani, Chief Coder

It’s a great interface to view photos, like them, share them and comment. You can view images in grid, filmstrip or map view. Additionally, Extragram allows you to search users, photos by places and hashtags and view the stream. Mani says they adhere to all of Instagram’s API terms of use and will be adding more features soon.

Extragram was built in exactly 2 weeks using Ruby on Rails and MySQL by 5 young entrepreneurs: Karthikeyan Mani, Sonaal Bangera, Ilayabasu C., Kevin William David and Narayanan Hariharan.

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