Lubith: A dead-simple tool for creating your WordPress theme

Lubith: A dead-simple tool for creating your WordPress theme

Lubith, the browser based WordPress theme editor is live with the latest enhancement to
its drag, drop and click utility that is an astonishingly quick and simple way to tweak your theme.

In development since 2007, Lubith has gone through many changes and enhancement and now it is ready for prime time.

Lubith came to life because when their founder Victor had desire to optimize the work as a web programmer. The developer at Lubith wanted to find a faster way to create layouts for web sites according to the graphic provided by the web designer. Previously it was required that a developer browse for solutions on the Internet but the solutions lacked the features and simplicity a developer need to make a theme aesthetically pleasing.

The initial version of Libith allowed rudimentary alterations to various CSS elements, but it lacked some graphical tools and the polished interface for adding graphical elements.

Once an element is selected (identified by the marquee and the colored orbs) a multitude of attributes such as size, color and image placement are ridiculously simple to get implemented.

Changing elements like alignment and padding are a snap with the floating toolboxes that include sliders with real-time adjustments made in the browser.  Additionally you can enter the numeric values if you know your exact settings.

Lubith features:

  • Intuitive interface: Move and re-size the theme elements just by dragging the two knobs.
  • No code required: You can design, edit and use your theme without needing to write a single line of code.
  • Save time and money: Do not waste time and money on programming stuff anymore, Lubith does this job for you.

After you get comfortable with everything, the theme can be saved and downloaded and ultimately uploaded to your self-hosted WordPress install.

Libith claims to still be in beta but they are eager to have the WordPress community give it a whirl.  If there are glitches, or better yet, some suggestions, the developer will be very open to your feedback submitted via its reply form.

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