, a sweet and simple web gallery for Instagram, a sweet and simple web gallery for Instagram

For Instagram users, the opening of the app’s API meant we could finally have a web gallery to see all of our filtered, fun photos. While there is no official Instagram web interface yet, Instagram Founder and CEO Kevin Systrom says they are excited to build one.

Thanks to @CCKarl, I’ve stumbled upon Instagrid, a simple, easy-to-use web gallery for collecting Instagram photos. Sign up by entering your username, and voilà! Your photos appear in the order they were taken. Your tiny profile appears as a box on the right hand side listing the number of followers people you follow. That’s it, no other bells and whistles, like I said, it’s sweet and simple. Get your very own Instagrid here.

Other great Instagram web galleries include the Japanese site, which provides an easy way to browse Instagram’s most popular photos and another Japanese site webstagram, where users can follow/unfollow, like and comment just like you can within the app.

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