Pixable’s smart Photofeed app gets Instagram support

Pixable’s smart Photofeed app gets Instagram support

We’ve raved about Pixable‘s Photofeed app in the past in both its Facebook and iPad forms, thanks to its ability to surface the best Facebook photos from your friends and contacts that you might have missed. Now the iPad app has been updated to support Instagram.

For now, a new ‘Popular on Instagram’ category lets you easily view the current top-rated images on the mobile photo sharing service. While these aren’t tailored to your specific account, it’s a pleasant enough addition to the app and it’s where this is going in the future that’s particularly interesting.

Pixable plans to make Instagram fit into Photofeed’s existing categories. This will allow you to view your friends’ photos by intelligent categories that provide more useful ways of exploring the feed beyond the conventional chronological view used by most apps. Beyond that, things are set to get even smarter.

Pixable’s Loren Appin explains the app’s future direction thus: “To give you a peek into where we’re headed, you’ll soon be able to customize your own categories (you can almost think of them as playlists) and then adjust or improve an existing category as you see fit or create an entirely new one.” If that works anywhere nearly as well as the initial app, we should be in for something special.

This smart organisation won’t be ready for another month or two, while New York-based Pixable is also working on an iPhone version of the app. The updated version of Pixable Photofeed for iPad with Instagram support is live now in the App Store, here.

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