Microsoft Courier + iPad = Taposé

Microsoft Courier + iPad = Taposé

Do you remember the Microsoft Courier? Most of us had already forgot about Microsoft’s short lived prototype but a Seattle-based developer refuses to let the idea die.

Benjamin Monnig hopes to revive the Courier by mimicking its split screen functionality through an iPad app called Taposé .

Within the app, users will have the ability to use the split interface to drag and drop elements from various applications such as Safari and Google Maps. If you can recall from the Courier videos, it appeared as though users were able to seamlessly drag objects like contacts and images between split screens. Taposé will use the same type of functionality.

Monnig is looking to the Kickstarter community for the funding he needs to get his project off the ground. He’s obviously betting on the fact that people were as inspired as he was by the Courier’s divided interface.

If the developer is able to earn $10,000 in funding Taposé will be released by late summer of 2011, according to Monnig. Making a $10 pledge towards the Taposé Kickstarter project will earn you a copy of the app and top backers that spend $1,500 or more will receive a free iPad 2 for funding the project.

Below we’ve posted a comical video (produced by Monnig) that explains why he’s bound and determined to unite the Courier with the iPad. We’d love to hear your thoughts, does the iPad need a Courier-like app?

Here’s the list of Taposé features.

Split Interface
Drag and drop from Safari
Drag addresses to Maps for directions
Drag contacts over collections to share
Finish calculations without leaving Tapose
Full screen capabilities
& much much more

Middle Separation Bar
Place images, sticky notes, maps, and more into the middle separation bar which acts as a temporary holder
Allows easy organization and movement between pages and collections
Slide to adjust the view sizes

Our wish is to create and release Taposé to the tablet world and bring this innovative product to market for everyone to enjoy. The initial goal is to launch Tapose for the iPad, with hopeful releases for other tablet devices if we exceed the goal funding. – Benjamin Monnig

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