PicPlz: Now with photo borders and image collections

PicPlz: Now with photo borders and image collections

Just about every time that I get an email from PicPlz, I’m again convinced that it is one of the fastest-moving, most feature-rich applications on my phone. With the two latest additions to the cross-platform photo sharing service, I’m convinced once more.

If you’ve not yet tried PicPlz, one of the only gripes that people have seemed to have had about it is that it doesn’t feature quite as many filters as some of the other services. The team went to work and added more in the last update, but this most recent update also brings the option to do frames on your filters.

So not only do you now get great looking frames, PicPlz has added Collections, which will encourage you to browse your PicPlz network and create groups of pictures relating to a subject. Right down by the “Like” button, you’ll now have a second choice, called “Add to collection”.

As you add images to your collection, you’ll be able to view them inside of the app, or on the PicPlz site. You can add any photo that you find to your collections, turning PicPlz into a valuable memories repository or even a photo scrapbook.

The team has already started to build out some collections, just to test things, but you can view them too. Here’s one for Beaches, and another for some interesting Black & White photos.

Want to get in on the new goodness? You’ll need to snag PicPlz for the iPhone or for Android. It’s worth noting that the borders function won’t work for the iPhone just yet. The app has been submitted, but Apple’s approval process is slowing things down a bit. Collections, however, will work just fine.

Get shooting, then link us up in the comments to your favorite work.

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