Foursquare vs Unsubscribe: Two CEOs duke it out over Twitter and YouTube

Foursquare vs Unsubscribe: Two CEOs duke it out over Twitter and YouTube

I hate unsubscribing from emails almost as much as I love the daily minutia of the lives of tech celebrities like Dennis Crowley. In a perfect storm, two startup founders go head to head. First, with a tweet, then with a Youtube.

Here’s how it started:

On Sunday night, Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley tweeted out that he had unsubscribed from the popular email service, which is a premium service that stops unwanted e-mail at the source.

So in a playful jest, Unsubscribe CEO and Founder Jamie Siminoff, decided to create a short video titled, “Dennis Crowley’s Unsubscribe Puts Planet at Risk” on what happens when Dennis Crowley Tweets: “just unsubscribed from Unsubscribe”.

Siminoff, who seemingly has quick animation skills and a sharp wit, has been recognized as one of New York’s top six entrepreneurs by Crain’s Magazine has been named one of Laptop Magazine’s top ten mobile mavericks. His company, Unsubscribe offers users the ability to unsubscribe for free for up to 5 monthly emails, but also charges for a range of premium services based on month, annual or lifetime subscriptions.  A complete list can be found here. Unsubscribe is offering awesome promo codes to our readers in light of this playful dispute. Simply enter @Dens at checkout for 20% off.

Happy tweeting, youtubing, foursquare-ing and unsubscribing.

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