Grexit: A shared Gmail inbox, saving data from disappearing

Grexit: A shared Gmail inbox, saving data from disappearing

Working with other people is sometimes the hardest of things that you’ll have to do. Keeping information current and readily available is just one of the many challenges involved with collaborative projects. While there are long-form options of keeping track of things, the process needs to be near-thoughtless, in order to truly work. Grexit is hoping to do just that.

Think of Grexit as something like a collaborative email inbox, where you can keep tabs on what happens in a conversation. Whether it’s new information, new data or any other factor, it’s often times shared by email. Once you get an email, you will likely act on it and the file it away or delete it, but you probably won’t share it with the team.

As you’re working through email, press the Send to Grexit button (a downloadable extension) and your conversation will be mirrored to Grexit. You can choose to have all conversations in the same email thread also sent, or you can choose to just send the one.

The rules and filters of Grexit allow you to assign labels inside of your Gmail to be automatically backed up to Grexit. For instance, if you create a label called “Leads”, and then tell Grexit to back up that label, any email that you apply “Leads” to will automatically be mirrored within your Grexit.

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Grexit is designed, seemingly, from a managerial standpoint. There are easy ways to decide who gets to see what content, and adding new groups (as well as users within them) is very simple as well. It might not solve every problem you’ll have with keeping track of email, but it certainly has the potential to help many of them.

While it’s easy enough to set up Grexit to do its work, the app relies on the discipline of the user to actually use it. You may not be able to change user behavior in every instance, but having Grexit in your arsenal can at least provide a compelling way to make it happen.

For now, Grexit is in a private beta. However — you know how this works — TNW has acquired a signup URL that will give the first 200 readers early access. Want in on Grexit? You’ll need to click here and then enter TNW200.

Spend some time, look through the documentation and then get rolling. Once you have, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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