BuzzBlaze: A social, web-based RSS reader with a visual spin

BuzzBlaze: A social, web-based RSS reader with a visual spin

If you’re a fan of RSS, as we are here at TNW, then you likely already have your reader set up. But if you haven’t yet, or if you’re looking for a change, BuzzBlaze is certainly an application that needs to be on your radar.

BuzzBlaze is a social RSS reader. What that means is that you can add friends and when they favorite items, you’ll see them in your SocialStream on the right side of your page. Adding your own feeds is supremely simple, and BuzzBlaze’s search function works well at finding feeds related to keywords that you provide.

Each of the feeds that you add gets its own panel. There are some light customization options, such as the color of the panel, but you can also choose to have the panel displayed in a Half or Full mode. Full mode will display the relevant image thumbnail from the RSS feed, while Half mode just shows the headlines.

With more of us moving toward web-based applications, rather than natively-run choices, we’re pretty sure that there’s a space here for BuzzBlaze. While it’s not really geared toward the hardcore RSS fans, if you have 5 or 10 sites that you like to keep an eye on, it’s a great choice for you.

BuzzBlaze is in a private beta right now. If you want in, you could try to find one of your friends to get an invitation. The easier way, of course, is to follow this link that the BuzzBlaze team has set up for TNW. Once you’re in, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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