Got a gorgeous phone homescreen? Share it with MyColorscreen [Invites]

Got a gorgeous phone homescreen? Share it with MyColorscreen [Invites]

Can a phone’s homescreen be art? It appears so. Billed as “Where technology meets art”, MyColorscreen is a new web app designed to let users share the beauty of their phones’ screens with others.

Currently in private beta, MyColorscreen is a community of people sharing their attractively laid out homescreens. Supporting both iPhone and Android handsets, there’s already some real eye candy on there.

While the service appears more to be about showing off beautiful design than the that apps people are using, it’s possible to tag apps, complete with a download link, for those that are curious. Additionally, users can vote and comment on their favourite homescreens and in some cases download the wallpaper images used, if available.

Bangkok-based MyColorscreen isn’t the only app of its kind out there. is a similarly aesthetically driven offering (although solely for iOS), while services like Appsfire focus more sharing users’ tastes in apps.

Currently in private beta, we’ve got 50 invites for MyColorscreen. To grab one, just head to the signup page, enter your email address and then in the device field, enter “TNW” before the name of your device. This will give you priority access.

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