Create Engaging ‘Contact Us’ forms with Formsly

Create Engaging ‘Contact Us’ forms with Formsly

Contact pages on websites are not very interesting, usually containing a few sentences and a ‘contact us’ box. However Formsly a service that lets you create feature-rich contact pages is here and it boasts that its ” a contact us page to end all others.”

It allows site builders to create a page that contains detailed information about their business, with the option of adding features such as a Google Map view and providing driving instructions. It is easily embedded into your page giving you control of the format and content. Forms created can also include a CAPTCHA to discourage spam. It also has a nifty CC and BCC tool which allows emails to be sent to the right departments.

After you register and activate your account, you log into Formsly and input the data you want to show your site visitors. Once happy with the content, you can preview the page and then embed into your own site by copying and pasting the HTML code. The information in your contact us page can be made downloadable so that users can access the information without internet connection.

There are two version of Formsly available, a free basic package and a paid premium plan ($4.95 per month). The premium plan has many more additional features such as embedding your Twitter stream and adding other social media profiles.

Formsly was simple to use but the CAPTCHA login was pretty annoying, something that I expected to go away after I had validated my account. However setting up and embedding the ‘contact us’ form was easy. I would advice the premium package at less then $5 it’s a bargain for the service is supplies. If your mind is still not made up, view the demo here.

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