passes 1 million monthly uniques; pushes toward academic excellence passes 1 million monthly uniques; pushes toward academic excellence

Academia, a social network for researchers,  founded by Oxford Fellow, Richard Price just reached 1 million monthly unique visitors. Some of the users included Richard Dawkins, Noam Chomksy and Sir Stephen Hawking.

Academia brings together academic researchers that are working on different topics and allows them to collaborate, share papers and follow peers. It is aiming to be the number 1 social network for academics and uses some of Facebook’s popular features. Like the Facebook tagging feature, which prompts you to tag yourself in your field of research and the news feed, which shows content that you will find relevant.

Price hopes to continue making Academia more like Facebook: is helping academics share their research more quickly and more easily than before. Right now if you share a photo album on Facebook, within 24 hours almost all of your friends have seen it, and many will have commented on the photos. is bringing that dynamic to academic research; as soon as an academic uploads their paper, the paper is distributed to the News Feeds of thousands of others in the same research area. Over the next few months we are going to be building a discussion feature around papers, so that on academics can share their comments on papers, and the paper’s author can respond directly. We are building with the goal of it becoming the best place for academics to share, discover, and discuss research. has been surging ahead of other competitors in the Academic social networking space. It’s community is more active and with a larger volume of visitors then its primary competitor ResearchGate.

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