Flickr announces its “new and easy” Facebook log in

Flickr announces its “new and easy” Facebook log in

Today on Flickr’s blog, the company announced it will now let users log in with their Facebook account.

Two days ago, we reported that Yahoo! opened up its log in to both Google and Facebook ids. It’s strange it took two days to roll over and become news on Flickr’s blog. It’s also strange that the few times I attempted to log into Flickr with my Facebook account, it didn’t work. “Connection error.” Mind you, I have had a Flickr account for years that is connected to my Facebook, so maybe that was an issue?

Flickr is also rolling out a few new improvements, one that lets users share their public photo uploads to Facebook easily. Although, I argue that this isn’t a new feature. I remember being able to publish recently uploaded Flickr photos to Facebook one year ago. I stopped it because the reason I use Flickr is so that I don’t have to store my photos on Facebook.

Bottom Line: Flickr is awesome and you should sign up for it with whatever login that works for you. Added bonus? You don’t need to sign up for Yahoo anymore.

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