Mobile app developers, an opportunity: The Mobile Premier Awards

Mobile app developers, an opportunity: The Mobile Premier Awards

With so many applications submitted to the App Store, Android Market and other smartphone marketplaces, getting your application noticed can be tricky.

Instead of relying on getting your app featured on an App Store or picked up by a reputable outlet to gain momentum, there are a number of ways to promote your app and get it noticed, one of these being AppCircus; a global platform showcasing the most creative and innovative apps that allows you to demonstrate your app in action during some of the most influential international events in the mobile/tech scene.

The next influential international event? Only Mobile World Congress. That’s right, AppCircus are currently looking for the very best app submissions with a view to announcing the top apps at The Mobile Premier Awards, due to be held in Barcelona on February 14.

There have already been a large number of submissions, the last count on January 14 topped 450 entries.

If you are involved in a startup or a developer who wants a top international jury (including our very own Patrick de Laive) to select your creation amongst 19 other finalists, have the opportunity to showcase your app in a 3-minute pitch live at the event in Barcelona in front of investors, operators, media companies and other influential mobile personalities – time is running out, as submissions for the awards are closing on February 18.

The nominated apps for the Mobile Premier Awards 2011 edition will include the various winners of the AppCircus series of events across 2010 but also the best apps from the AppCircus Categories.

To enter, you are required to submit your app into the AppCircus Categories but remember that there are a lot of categories to choose from, so make sure you check it out and select the appropriate one for your mobile app before submitting.

Registration for the Mobile Premier Awards closes tomorrow (at Midnight CET) so make sure you submit your app as soon as possible. To register, click this link and fill out the registration form.

Best of luck!

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