For CFOs, Profitably is your virtual life partner

For CFOs, Profitably is your virtual life partner

If you’re a VP of Sales, you’ve likely heard of SalesForce. Head of Marketing? You should learn about HubSpot. CTO? Check out Zendesk.

But what if you are managing a company’s financials? Meet Profitably, currently a 4 person team working out of New York City’s General Assembly. The startup specializes in the next generation of business analytics and financial optimization software for small businesses- not the mom and pop kind, but the kind with 30-40 full-time employees.

Profitably is a CFO’s virtual life partner. It’s a software as a service business that looks at five areas of a company’s finances- cash flow, budgeting and forecasting, benchmarks, balance sheets and debt ratios and as the name suggests, profitability. While they launched just months ago, Profitably is already turning its own profit with over 400 small businesses signed up.

Profitably partneres with Intuit to provide a secure QuickBooks sync. The Profitably software features an interactive chart of a business’ customer activities such as costs versus revenue, as well as labor diagnosis, employee time tracking and sales issues. All of this information is then migrated to the cloud so users can access it anywhere.

“They’re nothing more critical to a CFO than profits. Our software acts like a team of trusted advisors, teaching CFOs how to run a better business.” Profitably CEO, Adam Neary

Profitably Walkthrough from Profitably on Vimeo.

The service currently costs $50 per month and does not require a contract. While they offer a free 30-day trial period, they are currently running a promotion to give people an entire year of service for the price of one month.

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