Pose is poised and ready to be your new favorite shopping app

Pose is poised and ready to be your new favorite shopping app

At the end of our latest NYC Start-Ups to watch list, I featured two similar shopping apps-Fashism and Go Try it On. Now, another Fashion app from LA has caught my eye,  Pose launches in beta today.

While the two aforementioned sites simply aim to help you get dressed in the morning, Pose also encourages users to log pricing and product information for other curious shoppers.

Here’s how it works: Snap a photo of the item you’ve discovered and add its price and store location. If you’re looking for feedback or just want to show off what you’ve found, type a message to your friends or followers and share via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

I couldn’t rush to the nearest Williamsburg clothing store to test it out at the time of posting, but here’s how the sharing feature will look on the website, and see to the right for a screenshot of the app.

“Posers” is a unique part of this app experience, essentially a feed of hot fashion finds. The feed is compiled by a handpicked group of fashion experts with discerning eyes including designer Norma Kamali, celebrity stylist Melis Kuris and Lauren Sherman, the editor of Fashionista.

Today the company announced that it raised $1.6 million from True Ventures, GRP, and Founder Collective, with angel investors Dave Morin and Shawn Fanning. The app is available now for the iPhone (Free) and is coming to Android soon.

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