Use your iPhone to create 3D facial models with Trimensional

Use your iPhone to create 3D facial models with Trimensional

Trimensional is a 3D object scanner for the iPhone that instantly transforms objects into a 3D renderings — people included.

The app is marketed as a fun way to take 3D images of yourself (your face), to share with friends and family but, you might reserve the urge to share after seeing how disturbing and creepy they are. It’s however really cool technology even if its purpose of sharing with friends is questionable.

The back-end of the app is what’s most interesting here and as far as we know, it’s something very new in mobile app technology. The app creates a 3D rendering when a user takes an image in the dark using the camera within Trimensional, users simply crank up the screen brightness and take a snapshot.

The end result is a 3D scan that can be morphed to display the image as a full colour 3D model or as one of the additional and very trippy-looking modes; wireframe, polygons and points. The images can also be spun around using the touch screen to view various angles of the object.

This is a powerful little app although I don’t believe it’s able to do what I’d first imagined it would. For starters, I was hoping the app would export files that could easily be imported into 3D modeling software such as Cinema 4D. Instead, you only have a jpeg still image to work with. I’m sure there is a way to somehow apply the jpeg to a polygonal model and build from the image but that’s beyond my expertise. And if you know of way, please let us know.

Trimensional is available for .99 in the app store and it’s only compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (4th generation).

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