iPhone app Turns Your Daily Activities Into Stats

iPhone app Turns Your Daily Activities Into Stats

Daytum iPhone appDaytum, the personal statistic service we talked about a few month back, has just released a companion iPhone app that aims to tell you more about yourself through stats.

Like Daytum’s first iteration (web app), the newest iOS version helps you document things in your world and will generate a comprehensive summary of anything you input.

As an example of how it works, if you used the app to record all of your daily activities, you’d later be able to reflect back to see what percentage of time you spent drinking coffee, checking email or Googling you name. Each item input, maybe something such as “playing World of Warcraft” can be added to categories like “Entertainment” so users can easily see what type of activities are eating up their time. There are no limits as to what a user can add as a category, you could even add people. If you’ve ever heard the words “You never call me” uttered by family members you’ll now have the stats to back you up, assuming you’ve been inputting the calls.

The app is divided into four categories; item entries, item search, categories and favourites. The search feature could be used as a tool for finding things you’ve done, perhaps a good way to help you to recall the last time you hit the gym or put a call into Grandma. Corny examples, but valid reasons why future-you may utilize the search feature.

We can’t help but think something great can be gleaned here. The type of people (myself included) that are willing to take the time to populate their daily activities are also the types to learn from the data. Some may say it’s going a bit overboard but it’s bound to increase productivity should you use the info to refine your daily grind.

Prior to the release of Daytum’s handheld app, the service itself didn’t really work for me. It makes a lot more sense in the form of a mobile app.

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