Facebook for Android update brings Chat and push notifications to your pocket

Facebook for Android update brings Chat and push notifications to your pocket

If you’ve been feeling left out of the chatty world of Facebook lately, the latest edition of the social networking site’s app should get you back to warm and fuzzy. Dishing out a dose of Android love, the Facebook for Android application finally brings real-time Facebook chat and push notifications to the device.

Push notifications leave nothing to be desired. For each type available (friend request, message and event invites) you have the full ability of your Android phone at hand. You can choose to simply have your LED flash, have the phone sent a ringtone and even vibrate or any combination of the three.

The chat function? It works just as it does on the site. Though it’s worth noting that it’s a bit slow to load. Once it does, however, you can chat to your heart’s content. Be warned, though — if you choose to enable chat on your phone and you have it disabled on the Web interface, you’ll need to disable it again on the Web. Though I did select “Go Offline” from my DROID X, it didn’t seem to remember that I had done so when I logged in to the site.

I did have the service time out on me twice before it was able to pull up my Chat list. A couple of refreshes, though, and it was good to go.

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