Evernote 2.0 for Mac is officially out of beta

Evernote 2.0 for Mac is officially out of beta

Evernote 2.0 for Mac is now available for download. We covered it’s beta release at the beginning of the month, including app sharing features, Notebook Stacks and lX. To get it, check for updates or download from their site.

New features include:

Notebook sharing: Users can now share their notes with friends and co-workers without ever leaving Evernote for Mac. You’ll notice in the image below that the left panel is now split into two tabs- an Account tab for your own notes and a Shared tab for everyone’s notes that you share with.

To share your own notebooks, click the “Manage Sharing” tab, which will display a list of your notebooks. Next, click the “Start Sharing button.” You can either make your notebook completely public or share it with specific group of individuals. If you are an Evernote Premium user, you can enjoy editing shared notebooks, which is a great tool for group collaboration. Evernote also recently launched “Sponsored Accounts,” so that organizations can get Evernote Premium accounts for everyone on their teams.

Evernote 2.0 includes the ability to link notebooks, either by receiving a sharing invitation from someone via email or visiting a public shared notebook. In either case, use the feature by clicking the “Link to my account” button at the top of the page. Next hit Sync and it will show up in the Shared Notebook panel.

Notebooks Stacks: is a new way to organize notebooks in Evernote. Notebook stacks let you drop all your related notebooks into their own stacks, then view or collapse them as needed. To create one, either drag and drop one notebook onto another to create a stack or CMD+click on a notebook and choose Add to Stack.

Other great new features include a redesigned left panel, easy file attachment and the ability to have 250 notebooks in your accounts.

These features on Evernote for Windows and other versions of Evernote are coming soon. For more information visit the Evernote blog.

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