Angry Birds Seasons goes live and free for iOS and Android

Angry Birds Seasons goes live and free for iOS and Android

We excitedly brought you word last week that Angry Birds was releasing a free update to Angry Birds Halloween for iOS users.  Unfortunately it appeared Android users were left out of the Angry Birds fun.  Not any more.

Today through a series of Tweets on Rovio‘s official account, @RovioMobile, it has been revealed that iOS users who purchased the Halloween version of the addictive Angry Birds game can receive the new 25 level Angry Birds Season’s for free. So what’s the news?

Each level helps you count down the 25 days between now and Christmas, and includes snowballs. The game can be downloaded or upgraded via the iTunes App Store starting today.  (the update is currently available for download on my iPhone, but others I’ve conferred with have yet to receive the update)

For Android users, you all can now grab both the “Trick or Treat” version of the game, along with the Angry Birds Season’s 25 levels (here)in one free download from the Android Market.

Other Android device owners who cannot play the popular game, don’t fret.  Rovio is also working on a couple of things for owners of Android handsets, including a graphically lighter version of the game for older versions of Android, and a payment system is being devised so that those who want to can opt-out of advertising on the game.

Have you downloaded the new Android game, or updated your iOS device with Angry Birds Seasons?  Initial thoughts?

Bonus: A preview of some of the new levels…

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