Numulus for iPhone: A unique approach to math-based puzzle games

Numulus for iPhone: A unique approach to math-based puzzle games

While we don’t cover games very often here at TNW, it’s Friday and that means that things sometimes take a lighter heart. With that in mind, we’d like to present you with Numulus.

Numulus is, at its heart, a game of math puzzles. But unlike the quick addition or find that number style games that we’ve seen in the past, Numulus takes a completely different approach. In one game, for instance, you’ll see a cloud of numbers. Your job is to find the medium sized number of one color, then a large sized number of another color, add them together and then input your answer.

Sounds easy? It’s incredibly challenging, to say the least. By forcing your mind outside of its comfort zone of a single-line process, Numulus proves to be engaging, fun and best of all effective.

Like any good game, there’s a global scoring system, so as you get better and faster, you’ll move up in the ranks. That alone is worth the replay value, but the added benefit of continually challenging yourself will keep you coming back for more.

Broken into four sections, Numulus awards you extra time for your next puzzle when you finish your current one quickly. As you progress, predictably, the levels get harder. While it will seem like child’s play at first, the later levels are challenging and fast enough to have you at an Angry Birds level of fun frustration.

Give it a shot. It’s got our vote, for sure. It’s $.99 from the App Store, but will likely be the cheapest thing you’ll buy on Black Friday.

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