Miso adds Thanksgiving promotions and grand new features to enhance social TV viewing

Miso adds Thanksgiving promotions and grand new features to enhance social TV viewing

Miso, a super sweet iPhone, iPad, Android and web application, is one of the leaders in media check-in services, allowing users to check-in to favorite television programs and movies.

With Miso, one can follow programs, friends from Twitter and Facebook, post status updates, check-in to programs and comment on what others are watching.

Now Miso has upgraded their product in some really grand ways in addition to launching some Thanksgiving and Black Friday promotions for the app’s users.

First, Miso is introducing real-world rewards for Miso users in time for the holiday season by teaming up with QVC for The New Black Friday. According to Miso, “Last year was QVC’s biggest Black Friday event, and as more shoppers choose to stay at home to catch the deals, Miso and QVC are offering an exclusive product deal on QVC.com for viewers who check-in to QVC Black Friday between 8pm Thursday and midnight Friday”

For your QVC check-in, viewers can also unlock a limited-time badge for tuning into QVC anytime over the Holiday weekend.

A new announcement that I find truly sweet is Miso’s partnership with Universal Home Studios Entertainment to promote the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Despicable Me.  For those who have not seen Despicable Me, do so.  It is a super fun film.

As part of the “Minion Madness” campaign, Miso users earn a badge and Minion points to redeem on MinionMadness.com for checking-in to shows where the Despicable Me minions can be found — kicking-off with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

As if the news above was not enough, Miso has been hard at work on new product updates requested by their users, which also enrich the television watching experience.

Some of the new features which have rolled out and will rollout in short order include:

  1. Focus on specific episodes. Check-in and share the exact episode you are watching. Each episode now has a dedicated page on Miso.
  2. Edit shows. Users can now update and edit show info and posters — a highly anticipated feature from the passionate TV fans in the Miso community.
  3. Facebook Connect is now available on GoMiso.com, making it faster and easier for users to sign in and sign up.
  4. Expanded profiles now have bio, location, and website. Profiles list the shows you are following so you can see your favorite shows and friend’s favorite shows.
  5. Notifications. We’ve added notifications to the mobile apps so you know right away when others like/reply to your content.

Some really great updates and partnerships from Miso, a site I enjoy using on all the devices its available on.  It’s clear that Miso is dedicated to creating the best experience for all of its users.  The design of the apps and site is top-notch and their partnerships are with shows that, I in particular, love.  If you haven’t tried Miso yet, check it out and download their apps, here.

If you need a friend to get yourself started, add me, I’ll do the same and hopefully we can discover new programs together.

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