Buildor Pro launches for powerful cloud-based web development [Invites]

Buildor Pro launches for powerful cloud-based web development [Invites]

We’ve followed London-based startup Buildor since it first broke cover in March this year. Finally from today, the company’s professional cloud-based web development platform is available to try – and we’ve got 300 invites for The Next Web readers.

There was quite a buzz when Buildor Pro was demoed at The Next Web Conference this year. While Adobe Dreamweaver is the easiest comparison, the app is actually closer to what hardcore development tools Coda and Espresso do, but in the cloud.

Based in your web browser, the big advantage for web developers is that they’re not tied to one machine but have all the pro HTML and CSS editing tools they need wherever they are. The app allows you to start a new project from scratch or (most impressively) edit live sites just by pulling up the URL. You’ll need the FTP details for the site if you want to save the results though.

When it comes to designers, Buildor Pro is being pitched as a powerful way of creating HTML mock-ups with full interaction design and font rendering.

While it remains to be seen whether pro developers will take to browser-based development en masse, there’s a real chance of Buildor disrupting the market if it gains traction. To get a flavour for what you can do with Buildor, take a look at the video below and the others here.

For the time being Buildor Pro is invite-only, but we’ve been given 300 invites for our readers. To claim yours, quickly head over to this link before they’re all gone.

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