Twournal adds big features and opens to the public. Get your printed Twitter journal.

Twournal adds big features and opens to the public. Get your printed Twitter journal.

When we first wrote about Twournal back in August, we said that it was geek-centric coffee table material. While that description is still pretty accurate, Twournal has picked up a lot of speed in the past few months. Over that time, the team has added some much-needed features, sped up the delivery process and is now ready to peek its head out from closed beta.

First, let’s talk about the changes:

  • Instant Previews
  • Faster delivery
  • Special character recognition
  • Dynamic pricing for color
  • Custom cover option
  • Refined formatting
  • Twournal marketplace

The most important of these, from where we’re sitting, is obviously the addition of instant previews. Though what we see from other users is great, the ability to see your own Twournal before you print it is absolutely invaluable. Beyond that, though, it’s very cool to have more choices for the color pricing and we love that Twournal has also expanded its ability to pick up images from more sources.

Now, let’s talk about pricing. While you can produce an ebook for free, what you’ll really want is something to add to your coffee table. In order to do that, you’ll need to lay out between $15 and $30 for a Twournal with no pictures or $45 and $135 if you want your pictures included.

Need to make some of that cash back? You can also choose to sell your Twournal. When you’re creating your own, you can select the Sell tab to make it available for anyone to buy. Of course, you can’t make cash unless you put in a commission price, but it’s worth a shot. We’d love to see an option to donate your commission to a charity, and we’re willing to bet that celebrities would eat it up.

But, you know us here at TNW. We wouldn’t want to leave you empty handed right before the holiday season. That said, the team at Twournal has worked with us to provide 10 free Twournals to TNW readers. Want to get in on it? All you need to do is hit that Tweet button above or below this post. We’ll be randomly selecting 10 retweets to get their own Twournal and we’ll let you know the winners soon.

However, if you’re not in the mood to wait, or if you miss out on being one of the 10, Twournal still wants to offer you a 15% discount code just for being part of the launch. Want in on that? Enter “THENEXTWEB” when you order your Twournal and you’ll be getting it cheaper.

Long story short, we love Twournal. It’s an incredibly cool service that’s perfect for gifting and it’s a smart move for them to come out of beta right before the holidays.

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