Twitter for Android: Faster, cleaner and now with pull-to-refresh

Twitter for Android: Faster, cleaner and now with pull-to-refresh

While the sea is awash with Twitter clients for the Android OS, it’s always cool to see what the Twitter team itself comes up with. The latest version, according to the Twitter blog, brings some great new features while cleaning up and speeding up the interface as well. What’s new? Here’s the run-down:

  • Tweet Details – Click a tweet to see full details, easier interaction functions
  • Speed – The app is much snappier than before. Scrolling speed is much improved
  • Pull To Refresh – If you’ve used Twitter on the iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll already know about this one. Just pull your timeline down to force a refresh
  • Swipe to Reveal – Swipe on a Tweet to get more information including the profile and sharing options
  • Quoting – It’s the return of old-school retweets!

From what we see so far, the interface looks really slick. The quoting and pull-to-refresh options have been a long time in the coming and we’re really glad to see those as well. The pull-to-refresh function, you might remember, was originally a feature of Tweetie for iPhone. Considering that Twitter bought the brand, we can only assume that no litigation issues will come up in the release for Twitter.

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