Just launched: Bizzy. A personalized local business recommendation engine.

Just launched: Bizzy. A personalized local business recommendation engine.

Type “sushi restaurants NYC” into Yelp or Google and you’ll get the same results as everyone else. That’s search but it’s not smart search, and according to the folks at Bizzy.com, a “recommendation engine,” officially launching tomorrow, we have the right to be picky.

Bizzy wants to get to know your tastes in the same way Hunch.com wants to know everything about you. The first phase of accessing Bizzy involves answering 20 questions like “Where’s your favorite place to grab a slice?” and “Where would you go to buy a birthday cake?” It lets you skip questions you don’t want to answer, but the idea is that it wants to know as much as possible about your preferences in order to give you accurate recommendations based not only on the likes of your friends and family, but mostly on users with similar taste in restaurants, shops and other local businesses.

“The problem with listing and review sites is they tell you plenty about where you can go, but they never tell you where you should go. On these sites, everyone gets the same answers. In a search for ‘restaurants in Dallas’ the executive who likes steaks and martinis at fancy wood paneled restaurants get the exact same answer as the budget conscious vegan fresh out of college. When they both search for a place to eat, should they get the same suggestion? We don’t think so,” explains Gadi Shamia, Bizzy’s Founder, President and General Manager.

The Bizzy recommendation engine launches in Beta tomorrow and hopes to attract enough people to share their favorite places to feed Bizzy’s hungry algorithm. Once it has, Bizzy will send out beta invites to users who have provided their preferences. As an end result, Bizzy will allow you to search for specific types of places, such as “vegan in L.A.” and the order of Bizzy’s search results will be based on your personal recommendations.

Bizzy will also feature a “feed” that will provide users with deals from their favorite businesses, along with the ability to share suggestions and recommendations with people who have similar tastes. But Bizzy won’t feature reviews or ratings, because Shamia says, “Life is too short to read irrelevant reviews or eat at bad restaurants over and over again.”

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