Wanderfly. Travel recommendations tailored to you. We have Invites!

Wanderfly. Travel recommendations tailored to you. We have Invites!

Do you enjoy traveling?  Who doesn’t?  There do exist some issues with planning that exciting getaway such as; where to go, what to do if a destination is decided upon, and most importantly, how can one go where they want and do what they want while staying on budget.

Wanderfly, a new service now in beta, aims to solve your travel troubles by tailoring a trip around your budget, your interests, and more.

Why choose Wanderfly?

“Wanderfly answers this basic question: “Where can I go?” We are a personalized recommendation engine that helps you discover new and exciting experiences, based on your budget and interests. We suggest more than 1,200 destinations worldwide, and match them with thousands of activities. We help you find, organize, share and book your travel – all in one place – so you can get going and start discovering new places.”

“Wanderfly was created for travelers by travelers who are helping you find something that was taken from you: the true joy and thrill of travel, right from the very beginning. We’re here to get you on your feet and start exploring. To visit places you’ve never heard of, but are exactly what you’re looking for. To get going.”

Wanderfly is a grand tool for anyone looking to get away and it is dead simple to use.  Once you log in you set your departure location, your budget range, the time period you wish to leave and for how long, what/where you want to explore and the types of activities that interest you.

After you hit “Get Going” Wanderfly returns options custom tailored to your limits, complete with total costs, hotel and flight information, and so much more.

Wanderfly even suggests other activities that you can bookmark, you can share your trip with friends, email your trip to yourself, learn more about your trip, view multiple trip options, and more.  The options really are limitless.

The Wanderfly database features more than 1,200 destinations, representing 130 countries in every continent except Antarctica.  Further, Wanderfly has lined up some impressive partners for its service such as; Yelp, foursquare, NileGuide, Lonely Planet, photos from Flickr and social functionality from Facebook.

If you’re looking to travel, but have no idea where to go, what to do and/or how you can get the most bang for your buck, Wanderfly is a slick way to solve all of your destination dilemmas.  Right now it is in beta, going live for all on October 19.  That said, for the first 200 TNW readers who use the code, thenextweb, you’ll get access to this wonderful service!

Where do you plan on traveling soon?  No idea?  Let Wanderfly help!

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