mcsquare. A newsreeder that makes you feel like an information glutton

mcsquare. A newsreeder that makes you feel like an information glutton

TNW Quick Hit

mcsquare is a RSS feed/newsreeder and so much more.

Love It: Information overload.  Yes I love information overload.  Sources galore presented in any method imaginable.

Hate It: Needs login and feed organization features.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

mcsquare, currently in beta, has a tagline I love, “Feed Your Brain,” and feed one’s brain it does.   In fact, in this day and age of more is never enough, using mcsquare makes one feel like an information glutton.

What does mcsquare offer?

  • News updates
  • 13 topics with a litany of subtopics for each topic
  • 22 different channels covering regions around the world
  • Podcasts

  • Recently added photos from Flickr
  • Videos on a variety of topics
  • A playlist featuring news of the day

  • And so much more

As stated, mcsquare presents so much information that for some it could be overwhelming.  For yours truly the amount of information is glorious!

That’s not to say that mcsquare doesn’t have its drawbacks.  Two things I would like to see added are a login feature, and a method of organizing one’s feed which is saved and presented as you saved it, each time you login.

mcsquare is still in beta, so the kinks can still be worked out.  However, the site definitely feeds your brain and hopefully improvements will result in more delicious fare.

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