Chatterbucks lets your real money do some VR talking

Chatterbucks lets your real money do some VR talking

Sometimes we have to let you know about stuff that, while it might not add much to your daily life, is just cool and fun to use. The latest of those is Chatterbucks.

Chatterbucks is a collaborative project between Harmony Park and Sam Hare that lets you take a few choice bills (UK £5, £10 and US $5) and make them speak via your iPhone. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

While the app itself is just a bit of a fun time-waster, what is intriguing about it is what it could mean moving forward. Augmented and virtual reality ideas have had a really hard time finding their space. You can think of Chatterbucks as a sort of proof of concept about how convincing that virtual space can be.

Chatterbucks is $.99 or 59p, in the App Store, so get downloading and let us know what you think.

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