Tawkon’s radiation measuring app comes to Android

Tawkon’s radiation measuring app comes to Android

We’ve told you about Tawkon before, back in the days when Antennagate. The application, which measures the amount of radiation that your phone produces when attempting to make a call, has had its share of problems landing on the iPhone. However, Android users can now take full advantage of its abilities.

The deal about Tawkon is this: as your phone attempts to make a call, it emits an amount of radiation. As your signal weakens, that amount is increased as your phone works harder to get a usable signal.

We’ve found that here, in this building, there are a couple of areas that have dead zones. Of course, any building that has a lot of metal is prone to this happening, but the interesting thing about Tawkon is that it helps you figure out when it is safe to use your phone:

As we said in the video, the other interesting use case of Tawkon is that it could be a great resource for wireless providers to find out where their dead areas are. Instead of a wiki-style report, Tawkon actually creates a zone map so that other users can find out where the best zones are.

So give it a download. Tawkon is now available (for most devices) in the Android Market for free.

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