TotalFinder totally enhances Apple’s Finder.

TotalFinder totally enhances Apple’s Finder.

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TotalFinder works like Apple’s original Finder but adds tabs, dual panel, folders on top and other useful features.

Love It: Improves daily workflow.  Using tabs, like a web browser, TotalFinder builds on the usefulness of Finder and improves its functionality.

Hate It: Only works with latest version of OSX and may be inoperable once updates to OSX arrive until the app is updated.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

TotalFinder ($15) is an app that takes the usefulness of Finder and adds some extremely helpful features. TotalFinder improves the current functionality of Finder by adding tabs to one’s existing Finder, making one more productive by enhancing workflow. With TotalFinder’s tab ability, one can:

  1. Switch between tabs.
  2. Reorder tabs.
  3. Pull the tab out into separate a window.
  4. Drag the tab and insert it between other tabs in existing window.
  5. Close individual tabs.
  6. Double-click the tab to enter dual-mode.
  7. Drag file or folder on to a tab to move it.
  8. Drag folder in between tabs to open given folder as a new tab.

TotalFinder also affords one the option of “Dual mode.”  Dual mode is a special mode when TotalFinder displays two Finder windows side-by-side.  In addition, TotalFinder allows for sorting of folders (a feature Finder lacks).

The most interesting feature of TotalFinder to me however, “Visor.”  Visor is a system-wide TotalFinder window displaying at the bottom of the screen. The idea is to have one dedicated TotalFinder window open at all times.  The feature is disabled by default, but is especially helpful upon enabling it for those who desire a Visor-based workflow.

Other features of TotalFinder, and they are numerous, are presented in the video below:

TotalFinder is a grand app, loaded with features, and at only $15, is an app that will, should you need it, will improve your productivity and build substantially on what Finder already offers.  Tip of the hat to our own @trishussey for getting me hooked on this app!
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